About Us

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EMS LangBridge is a non-profit based in the greater Boston NorthShore area dedicated towards dismantling the language barriers preventing limited English proficiency (LEP) patients from receiving the prompt care they need. To do so, communication is crucial, and it all starts with the first responders.

The LangBridge Communication Board was created after discovering that almost 30 million people in the United States reported their English speaking abilities were “less than very well”. While helpful, live translational services may not always be available 24/7, and due to their cost, may not always be feasible. When this happens, there are limited resources for cross-language communication. The creation of the LangBridge Communication Board provides a convenient and accurate solution to help in times like these. 

The LangBridge Promise

On behalf of our organization, we promise to treat our users as our number one priority, put forth our best effort into our work, and always seek to improve. It is only through this that, together, we can the cross the language bridge and improve  communication among everyone.


- Ada Yu, Founder and President