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The LangBridge Board

The LangBridge Communication Board, available in French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish, aims to help first responders communicate with patients of limited English proficiency to obtain vital information on the scene. Containing questions covering SAMPLE and more, the LangBridge board is a lifeline when live translators are unavailable. 

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How to Use:

 Check if a live translator is available

If not, pick the Communication Board that best suits your needs


Point at the questions on the board and have the patient circle/fill in the answers with a pen



Unique cross-language Q&A format and progression of questions

Flexible and sturdy material for convenient use and storage 

Large font and clear wording creates optimal readability


Did You Know...

Chinese, English, French, and Spanish are four of the six official languages of the United Nations

Spanish, Chinese, and French are part of the top 10 languages spoken at home in the U.S., and .79 million people in the U.S. speak Portuguese 
(United States Census Bureau)

8.4% of U.S. residents report they speak English "less than very well"
(United States Census Bureau)

That's 27,984,027 people!